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Oh no not another home page

Oh yes it's another home page, for the Martin who was once an astrophysicist. On the left are some links to things I've written (and are therefore unique and special but unfortunately not very valuable) or am just hosting. Above is the important link to the smarter blog, and my CV in case you've got some really difficult software to develop where the weather is sunny and the beer is cheap. Below are just bookmarks to other sites I use.

Tech & Ed

Cranfield (IT) • Barrington LibraryVLEBlackboardRefWorksEmerald Guides

WiredSchneier on SecurityJavaWorldBCSDeveloperWorksJava API 1.4

YouTube educationAcademic EarthTek, fun & designScience BlogsVega TrustSpaceDaily

MIT courseware

Travel & Maps

Red Planet Journey PlannerRail TimetableInfotel

Street mapMultimapFlash EarthNares Gladley


News & Politics

Weather (UK)Weather (NO)

The TimesGuardian ScienceTelegraph
BBC NewsWorld ServicePodcastsiPlayerComedyComedyFactualBBC's Home Planet4oD

Parliament DebatesLiveMI5


UK DebatesThink DefenceslashdotBad ScienceXKCD21st floorPiston headsJREFArrse


DilbertUser FriendlyCalvin & HobbesPhd comicsNon SequiturDork TowerOrderof the StickGirl GeniusXKCDDoonesburyDarths and Droids

The OnionRockall Times

Think DefenceArmyNetSmall Wars JournalBARRUSIArrseJanesLong War JournalTank Net

Hurst n Strick

Westminster Dragoonsbooklet

Friends & Relatives

Dad: SBSTim: Polish propertyRachel & DouglasEricWicked DiceHarvey's War StoryEddie's RamblingsBog's PaintingsBogs WorldJosie's Beach Bumming

Interests & Rants

Ben GoldacreJames RandiClimate AuditReal ClimateWatts Up With ThatBob ParkRough TypeCharlie BrookerDelingpoleChris BookerMonbiotIain DaleBookLustClimate ResistanceSense About ScienceKeith Kloor

Smokin'Plain English

Junk ScienceNumber WatchSkeptic's Dictionary


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